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Here you will find a large selection of fanart from TV shows like "The Walking Dead", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and "The Vampire Diaries", among others.
You will also find digital art resources such as textures, stock images, and more for use in your own fanart.
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New Layout and Artwork

Whaaat?! Two updates in two days?! The world must be coming to an end!!

I have updated the site with a new layout based off one of my most recent pieces, called Dead In The Water. It features Frank Dillane as Nick in “Fear The Walking Dead” and I’m loving how it turned out!!

Tonight, there are also two new “Bates Motel” pieces as well. Tell me what you think of the new stuff on the Tagboard!!

3 Is The Magic Number

Tonight I added two new “Walking Dead” pieces to the gallery and one new “Fear The Walking Dead” piece featuring Nick as well. I have lots of other ideas, too, which is exciting because it’s been a looooooonnnnng time since I was inspired to create any new art, but the challenge will be to find the time to do them. I also need AMC to release promo shots of the cast in the water, like they are in this awesome promo video. Hopefully I can get them done before I lose my muse. :\

I am absolutely LOVING “Bates Motel”!! Who else is watching? Norman is really showing his crazy side, and it is epic. I can’t wait to see how this season is going to end! The chemistry between Norma and Alex is just magic, too… So hot! I just wish the seasons of “Bates Motel” weren’t so short.

I know my updates are few and far between these days, and I’m sorry. I miss art and I miss all my friends I’ve made through the fanart community; I am just so, so busy lately. 🙁 I hope all of you are doing well, though! ♥


New Originals Artwork

Tonight there are two new Originals art pieces up on the site. I had a little bit of free time and felt compelled (no pun intended) to make some art. One piece featured Danielle Campbell as Davina (is it wrong that I think she’s sexy as fuck and she’s, like, 17?), and the other piece features Elijah and Hayley.

Dude, I fucking love Haylijah. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ships in all my fandoms. They have so much chemistry onscreen it’s incredible, and I always feel inspired to art their scenes and their promo pics. I love love love love them. I know the writers of The Originals will keep them apart as long as possible to keep the fans guessing about whether or not they’ll get together, but I hope in the end they eventually become a real couple. ♥

I am also working on a couple other pieces- one is a request by the awesome Nix– so I will try to get those added ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy the new art I have for you and I hope I can update again soon. PEACE.

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