Today, there are three new textures added to the site, as well as three new OITNB pieces. Be warned that two of the Orange is the New Black pieces are NSFW (Not Safe For Work)!!

Enjoy the new stuff!! I am still getting the gradients I’m working on ready, and hopefully I can get those up soon.

Today, there is a new Nicholas Brendon themed layout on the site! Nicholas Brendon played my very favorite character on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Xander Harris, and has since been part of some awesome projects like “Criminal Minds”, “Private Practice”, “Psycho Beach Party”, and “Coherence”. He also writes for the Buffy comic books, which is absolutely amazing! If you checked in the last couple days, there was actually another one with a purple and blue color scheme, but I decided it was a little too girly, especially since it featured a man. 😉 The new layout is called Love For Nicky, to go along with my Twitter hashtag to show support to actor Nicholas Brendon during this time. If you have a Twitter account, please tweet your support for So today, there is a new layout featuring a fun brown, orange, and green design, to go with the colors in the wallpaper I made that matches. You can find the matching wallpaper, as well as the one I created for the blue/purple layout in Whedonverse Art.

Also, you can find two new “Orange Is The New Black” wallpapers in that section, as well. One features the Season 3 cast in one of the new promo images, and the other is a piece done from a photoshoot for a magazine. It’s called Ladies of Litchfield. 😉

I am working on some new textures to be added soon, as well as a new gradient set. Hopefully I can get those put up in the next week or so. ‘Til then, enjoy the new art while I finish binging on Season 3 of OITNB!!! 😉


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